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Managing How People Speak to You

Not that long ago I used to find myself annoyed by the way people spoke to me - either by being patronising or passive aggressive, making a mountain out of a mole hill, totally misconstruing my words or just being plain old rude until I understood that it is actually a good thing. The manner in which we speak gives the listener a beautiful insight into where exactly the speaker is in their life on that particular day.

It is easy to think that people speak to us reflecting how they feel about us but that's simply just not true as people speak from a standpoint of where they are in their understanding of life and lets be honest here we all witness people making the same mistakes over and over again therefore experience doesn't make you smart if you don't learn anything from what you experience.

Perspective is everything but it is personal to each individual and when we speak to each other that's all we are giving and receiving - just perspectives. No one in work is likely to give you a golden nugget life secret from the God's that was bestowed on them while they slept last night, its just your work colleagues opinion based on the information that they have to hand and who knows where they get their facts from, if they understood it and why they believe it is relevant to you?

Bullies, argumentative people, the ones that think they know everything and are always right, the ones who bitch about everyone, the ones who lie to protect themselves at all cost, the ones who cheat and steal, the ones who assume they know more than you and the ones who make it their mission to bring down everyone else. People there is something wrong with THEM not YOU. They are way, way down on the learning ladder - its a poor state for them to be in but they have just let you see it / know it. The goose just gave you the golden egg and they don't even realise that they have done it because they are so unaware / lacking in consciousness.

Next time someone speaks to you in a manner that you don't like - first check yourself to make sure that its not you just taking it the wrong way based on your own emotional baggage or ill health that day and if its not, COOL don't take the vile words into your body like poison, take a second to think about where they must be in their life right now to have that option / behaviour. They have just given you a beautiful insight into who they are and that's valuable knowledge to know. It works both ways though don't forget. How you speak to others shows them exactly where you are on your life learning curve too.


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