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Personal Development

In a world where you can sometimes feel like you don't have much control, taking ownership of your personal development can make you feel pretty empowered as its time spent investing in you for the benefit of you.  Yes it is true that a more savvy you brings value to those around you too but personal development is all about your abilities, your dreams, your realisations and your identity.

By building a better you, you demonstrate that you believe that you do have a place in this world, you have your own mind and voice, a direction, an instinct that you can be more.  You gain more skills and an understanding of why you do what you do, how you can be better and how to cope when life throws you a difficult lesson.

If you have no clue why you behave the way that you do, how do you expect to understand others or worse how do you expect others to understand you?  There is no downside to becoming self aware but I wont lie to you, it does take a certain kind of strength to take a long hard look at yourself, witness and admit to your shortcomings, take responsibility of the areas to be improved and then the big action of actually doing the work. 

The impressive part of your personal development journey is that you chose it.  You can work at your own pace, you don't sit a final exam, you don't need to announce your results to the world and it always leads you to new communities of like minded people.  You will find books, courses, groups and teachers that make you feel like they were created just for you and who knows you just might find your purpose in life once you understand who you truly are at the core.

My blog will always be a place where you can find articles and stories that support your personal growth and maybe help you to see situations from different angles or perceptions.  I will recommend the books that helped me, teachers whom I love and respect and also little hacks that I used to encouraged me to keep doing the work but remember this is your journey and I am only your guide.  Each time you learn something new it will create a new avenue to explore and your destination will be of your own choosing.

I offer one to one training via zoom or in person covering a variety of topics.  Contact me to find out more.  My clients are based all over the world so please make sure you highlight your location to me so that we can work around our time zone differences. 

I am currently creating some amazing courses for you in this field which I am very excited to release ASAP.  Keep an eye out for what follows in 2022.

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