About Me

I am a 'Normal' I am sure that you and I have lived many of the same life experiences.  I have had highs and lows, experienced love and loss, been trusted and betrayed.  I have had amazing jobs and also worked with the most unpleasant of people.  I have looked into the closing eyes of loved ones as they took their last breath and I starred death in the face on a couple occasions myself.

My obsession with learning and personal development came after I had left the education system.  This was mainly because the topics that I had interest in weren't talked about back then let alone included in the curriculum.  I have always been fascinated by human behaviour, philosophy, ancient civilizations, metaphysics, new science, consciousness, natural healing and the paranormal.  Along the way I also gained qualifications in areas that I believed at the time I would love but soon came to realise that they just didn't fit my nature, to give you an example I wanted to be a private investigator but upon qualifying I realised that I am not nosey and I do not like being involved in other peoples business.  I think I was drawn in more by the cool gadgets to be honest, fancying myself as a female James Bond (007).

One thing that has remained a constant throughout my life is taking every experience as a valuable lesson in life - I admit we don't always see it too clearly whilst in the thick of bad times but everything that has happened has lead me to where I am now and for that I am truly grateful.   

My mission is to keep learning and hopefully bring you inspiration so that you can experience your own transformation.  

  • We all have 2 obstacles in life. Internal which is what we say and do to ourselves and External which is what we let others do to us.  I purposely use the word obstacles because as much as they are there we can manoeuvre our way around them with ease once we have the right skills.

  • Everyone in the world makes decisions based on one of the two following things:- A desire to move away from pain or a desire to move towards pleasure.

  • Someone is going to control your future and possibly your mental health so lets make that someone YOU.

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