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About Me

I think the first thing that I would like you to know about me is that I am knowledgeable but not a 'know it all'.  When I first launched this business it came to light pretty fast how little my nearest and dearest knew about me.  People knew that I liked books because my house is full on them but what type of books I read and how often I read them no one knew.  When I listed my qualifications there was surprise and a form of confusion that I had not discussed my studies during completion or celebrated upon qualification.  I don't know how best to explain this other than I am not a show off, I have never liked giving advice unless its asked for, I don't believe in interfering in others peoples life choices therefore I don't comment or get involved and possibly the biggest reason is that I never had conversations with people who brought up any of the topics that I truly love:- personal development, consciousness, metaphysics, new science theory, philosophy and human behaviour.

I do like to help people but I am more invested in getting people to help themselves.  I don't want to keep the cycle going of fixing the broken only to fix them again and again.  I want the people to have the personal power to avoid the pitfalls, trust their decisions, heal old wounds and prevent new ones forming.  This makes for a healthier individual, happier relationships, stronger families, meaningful connections so therefore a nicer society to be a part of.


I will be clear, there are morons everywhere but by working on yourself you make the divide between you and them far greater, therefore distancing and protecting yourself from their fallout (which does always occur).  We are all on our own learning curve and the fact of it is that seldom do we find ourselves at the same stage of learning as another - it is near impossible because we all experience life so differently but too often we let the voice of the morons be the loudest voice we hear.  It is time to switch this up people, to find your true voice in amongst all the noise, trust your own gut, reconnect to the natural you and world around you, develop and grow for the benefit of you and us.

My mission is to make self education as accessible and easy as possible and hopefully bring you the inspiration so that you can experience your own transformation.  

  • We all have 2 obstacles in life. Internal which is what we say and do to ourselves and External which is what we let others do to us.  I purposely use the word obstacles because as much as they are there we can manoeuvre our way around them with ease once we have the right skills.

  • Everyone in the world makes decisions based on one of the two following things:- A desire to move away from pain or a desire to move towards pleasure.

  • Someone is going to control your future and possibly your mental health so lets make that someone YOU.

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