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What is Cognomovement?

Cognomovement can help with the follow:-

  • Improving Athletic Performance

  • Relieving Stress & Anxiety

  • Improving Coordination and Balance

  • Boost Sexual Performance

  • Change Patterns of Pain and Discomfort

  • Delete Cravings

  • Remap Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Assist in Weight Management

  • Facilitate Communication

  • Change Emotional Patterns

  • Help Schools and Students Learn and Shift Behaviour

  • Enhance Natural Healing Abilities

Founded in 2017 while experimenting with ways to minimize pain for his clients.  Bill McKenna noticed that some of the people he was seeing were suffering greatly and he wanted to offer them more relief than he currently had access to.  He discovered that if he could activate the brain while focusing on the body, he could create real and lasting change.  He asked his wife Michelle to sew the first prototype Cogno Ball and the Cognomovement Journey Began!

Me Bill and Liz Celebrating.jpg

Screenshot photo of Bill, Liz, my dog and I on the day that I qualified and became the first person in the UK to be a Cognomovement practitioner :)

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