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October 2021 Update:- Classes are now offered via partnership work with other well being companies / free taster session to promote my services / events / occasional mind, body reset sessions or important day brain firing one off sessions i.e. preparation for interviews, meetings, exams basically anything that you need your brain fully switched on for.  I am still getting booked by families who want me to visit their home and do a group session where everyone gets involved from grandparents to young kids, I will do my best to make it fun and accessible for all parties.  Maximum 10 people per group.

  • Activate the body’s learning centres

  • Harmonise the hemispheres of the brain

  • Harmonise and balance both sides of the nervous system

  • Restore and enhance energy, focus, mood, creativity and more

  • Elevate awareness and consciousness

  • Improve coordination and balance

  • Immediately change your state of mind

  • Radically shift perspective








If you are an organisation whom would like to work with me please reach out as I am happy to support local businesses and also join zoom call / media outlet worldwide.









Before you book a one to one session we will need to speak on the phone first or via zoom etc so that your expectations can be discussed and we both know what it is that you wish to achieve.

One to one sessions can greatly vary in time based on the individual - a typical session could be 2 / 2.5 hours long.  During such a session you need to allow yourself to feel what you feel, to connected with it so that we can work on releasing it from your body.  This isn't talk therapy, this is physical and emotional so it needs you to be fully involved with a real desire to fix this issue once and for all.


You can book an appointment with me via the site but the cost is displayed in dollars ($125.00).      

If you are just curious about Cognomovement I would suggest attending one of my group classes.


Cognomovement Utilizes:

• Brain and neuro remapping

• Complex geometric symbols

• Colour

• 3D Shape

• Auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic cues

• Cross-body movement

• Eye accessing cues

• Psycho geography (positional change)

• Neurological bump

• Breath work

• Energy techniques

Cognomovement is ever-expanding!


Sports Teams / Professionals, Schools and Community Groups


Do you have a class that just wont focus or a sports team that just cant win?  Has lack of opportunity during lockdown made you rusty at your favourite sport?  Are you part of an over 65's club who want to try something new to keep your brain active?  Maybe you have a special needs child who would benefit from harmonisation of their left brain and right brain and the relaxing of their nervous system.

I have witnessed some amazing changes in people of all ages, body types and abilities, from improving balance and focus in the old, attention and coordination in the young and symptom relief across the board but I was particularly impressed with the improvement of athletic performance so I would like to share a story with you that is about me. 

I have a pull up bar in the doorframe of my living room which hasn't been used for years.  There was a time long, long ago when I could do pull ups with ease but that boat had well and truly sailed away. 


When I was still in Cognomovement training we were told that our next study topic would be athletic performance.  Many examples were given of basketball ballers who had dramatically improved their game and golfers who had perfected their swing etc. so I thought 'if I am going to test this out I will pick something that would really put this to the test and hopefully blow my mind'.  The session began and we were asked to choose our test exercise. Everyone picked something different from yoga poses that they had never been able to do or successfully hold to push ups and balancing etc.  I chose a pull up on that dusty pull up bar of mine. 

Before the training began we were asked to go and try the thing that we couldn't do.  I walked straight over to the bar, had to jump just to get the momentum going, my arms shook, I felt the blood rush to my head as I desperately tried my best to get my face somewhere near the bar let alone my chin.  Honestly it was one of them moments were you are so grateful that no one was watching I was embarrassed that my dog witnessed it.  I walked back to my computer and the session began.  Session completed I was asked to go back to my pull up bar and try again.  To my absolute surprise I pulled myself up, my chin went above the bar and then I slowly released myself back down - what had just happened?, I was stunned. 

Everyone appeared back on the screen beaming with joy as we had all just done the thing that we said we could not do.  We did another quick session - no longer than 5 mins and again we were asked to go back and try again.  This time I pulled myself up easier than the last but I also held myself up there for 7 seconds - real seconds 1 and 2 not rushed 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, I even raised my legs up in front of me before I slowly lowered myself back down.

I should not have been surprised based on all the fantastic things that I have seen Cognomovement do but this does stand out for me.  I have told this story to a lot of my friends and everyone always asks me if I can still do pull ups now months later?  The answer is YES, I can and if my friends happen to be at my house at the time of asking I always show them.

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