Raising your Consciousness

To be conscious is to be alert and awake.  You are aware of your motivations and thoughts, of self, mental activity and environmental surroundings with an understanding of how everything is connected and can be influenced by you.

No longer is this topic taboo as the field of science has produced many measurable results to confirm its existence but the general understanding of how it works and where it is generated from still brings about great debate.

I am a certified Belief Clearing Practitioner therefore can assist with the removal of your limiting beliefs.  By clearing you awaken and can begin to move through the various stages of consciousness.  Limiting beliefs are at the root of why most people fail to take action in life by convincing themselves that they are not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, young/old enough and so on.  Beliefs can be more powerful than actual facts and they can have a long term adverse impact on a persons life.  I can help you free yourself from these chains.  

I am qualified in Cogno Quantum (as seen on Gaia TV) if you would be interested in booking a session with me.  We can work on manifestation, timelines and the clearing of negativity from your field.  


Please also watch this space for the release of my new course for raising consciousness for beginners.


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