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Raising your Consciousness

Think about this for a moment.  Everyone has a sixth sense.  It may be difficult to explain how you know things but you just do.  


You have likely sense when you were in trouble or danger.  You possibly think of a person, your phone rings, it is them.  You sense someone behind you, its enough to make you look, or worse, you find yourself starring at the back of someone's head because you are being super nosey regarding their situation or maybe you have a strong feeling towards your visual target but either way they turn around to stare straight back at you as if they knew what you are doing behind their back - possibly awkward times for you.

How about you meet someone for the first time and instinctively feel a warning like alarm bells ringing in your every cell or you get the opposite and you sense a warmth and feeling of safety.  Have you felt certain that something is about to go very wrong or the reverse of that and from your gut you had a 100% knowing, that the results would be good, that the exams would be passed, just convinced of good result? 


These are good baselines to connect to whilst you work on raising your consciousness.  Having a tangible personal experience helps you remember that this isn't a 'made up' topic to explore for the sake of exploring because you have already experienced something within it.  If ever you feel overwhelmed just simplify back to your own sixth sense.


The work that I do is to assist in enabling you to open up your consciousness and trust your natural instincts. I want you to see how magical you really are and how to create the life that you really want and are totally suited to.


I have created some fantastic online courses starting with consciousness for absolute beginners, to the more advanced studies of collective and cosmic consciousness etc.  I want this topic to be accessible to all as it has so much personal development value and growth to it that it should not be overlooked or underestimated.  You are building a better you for sure.    


I am also qualified in Cogno Quantum (as seen on Gaia TV).  If you would be interested in booking a Cogno Quantum session with me we can work on manifestation, timelines and the clearing of negativity from your field, in person or via zoom?  Please note that for this work you need the use of a Cognomovement ball. 


I am a certified Belief Clearing Practitioner therefore can assist with the removal of your limiting beliefs (these are blocks that you, care givers, society and culture have programmed into you).  By clearing negativity you awaken and can begin to move through the various stages of consciousness i.e. you start as a beginner but the sky is your limit, who knows what talents you have within.  Limiting beliefs are at the root of why most people fail to take action in life by convincing themselves that they are not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, young/old enough and so on.  Beliefs can be more powerful than actual facts and they can have a long term adverse impact on a persons life.  I can help you free yourself from these chains via zoom, workshops or one to ones.

No longer is the topic of consciousness taboo.  Science has produced a huge amount of measurable results to confirm its existence but the general understanding of how it works and where it is generated from still brings about great debate.  Personally I am stunned how little people know about their own consciousness and the benefits to developing it.  I highly recommend its exploration and I would love to be your guide.

I offer one to one training via zoom or in person covering a variety of topics.  Contact me to find out more.  My clients are based all over the world so please make sure you highlight your location to me so that we can work around our time zone differences.

cogno Q.jpg

Insert is a screenshot of Bill McKenna's interview regarding Cogno Quantum on Gaia TV 

Book Recommendation

I am a huge fan of the author David R Hawkins but I think this book is a great starting place to understand the link between behaviour and consciousness. 

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