Cognomovement one to one sessions

Before you book a one to one session we will need to speak on the phone first or via zoom etc so that your expectations can be discussed and we both know what it is that you wish to achieve.

One to one sessions can greatly vary in time based on the individual - a typical session could be 2 / 2.5 hours long.  During such a session you need to allow yourself to feel what you feel, to connected with it so that we can work on releasing it from your body.  This isn't talk therapy, this is physical and emotional so it needs you to be fully involved with a real desire to fix this issue once and for all.


You can book an appointment with me via the cognomovement.com site but the cost is displayed in dollars ($125.00).      

If you are just curious about Cognomovement I would suggest attending one of my group classes.


Cognomovement Utilizes:

• Brain and neuro remapping

• Complex geometric symbols

• Colour

• 3D Shape

• Auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic cues

• Cross-body movement

• Eye accessing cues

• Psycho geography (positional change)

• Neurological bump

• Breath work

• Energy techniques

Cognomovement is ever-expanding!

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