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The definition of lifestyle is the way in which a person lives.  It is an individuals choice as to what and where they invest their thoughts, feelings, time and money.  Life can feel like its running you, not you running it when you don't actively make any choices for yourself i.e. you let everyone else's choices become your priority before your own.  Don't worry if this is you as you can switch your focus back to yourself at any age or stage in life.  Its never too late to make a change.


My own personal lifestyle incorporates Cognomovement, Personal Development and Consciousness work therefore I can pass on my tried and tested results to you with confidence that it has worked for me, but it doesn't end there, I would encourage you to link with me on my FB biz page as that is full of free information, tips, hacks and invitations to free events and trainings that will help you swing the life pendulum more to your favour.


A Girl Looking at a Pendulum Model

Helping others

Sometimes you can be so overwhelmed with your own life that pressure starts to build within you causing you to feel majorly confined within your own world.  When you feel like this, you may be tempted to turn your attention to the lives of those around you as it somehow feels like a stress relief to focus on what they are doing wrong rather than what you are struggling with.  Friendships, families and relationships can be torn apart by doing this as the person or persons on the receiving end of your criticism / interferences can experience feelings of insecurity, doubt, anger, resentment, guilt, sadness, betrayal, fear and shame etc.  Is it fair to make them feel the emotions that you are avoiding to feel yourself? 

Albert Einstein said "Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means".  John Naisbitt said "The source of power is not money in the hands of a few but information in the hands of many".

It is always best to focus on healing yourself before you turn your attention to others because that healing is a skill which holds value to all if you can share how you did it.  Try not to be scared when facing your emotions, they are only a signalling system to draw your attention to how you currently feel which is based on how you have previously experienced the world.  Your future does not need to be written by your past.


If you find yourself struggling to help yourself and you just cant seem to stop focusing your attention on others then it might help you to think about which charity or cause do you believe in or look around your local community and think about something that you personally could do to help?  During the first lockdown when everything was fully restricted - you could only go out for one walk per day, the shops were closed or restricted to essential purchases only, I watched my community walk past my house looking so sad and deflated that I felt compelled to inject some joy into their lives.  I looked around my house hunting for ideas and decided to create garden displays.  Whilst rummaging through my loft and garage I had another idea which was to place a box in my front garden for the purpose of people leaving messages for their loved ones which I would then write on paper plates and hang from my trees for all to see.  By placing my focus on doing something nice with no personal gain attached to it, I felt passion, love, confidence and joy which made it incredibly difficult for the more unpleasant emotions to creep in.  

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