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Sandstorm Creative Projects

Gemma is the1st Certified Cognomovement Practitioner in the UK!
Personal Development Trainer.  NLP Practitioner.  Belief Clearing Practitioner.   Coaching/Guidance.
Also qualified in Cogno Quantum as seen on TV.

Creative Projects, Personal Development, Consciousness work and Cognomovement are Gemma's 4 hot topics.  Check out why she believes that they could be beneficial to you, book a zoom / in person appointment, get involved with her social media and community projects or simply follow her across her social media platforms.  Together we can make change happen. 


Creative Projects 

Interactive social media projects created for fun, community building and connection.

YouTube channel is Gemma's hobby site designed to test the boundaries of your beliefs but also to encourage the visitor to read.  Reading stimulates the brain, it is the nutrient sadly lost when we just fast pace scroll through visual content. 

Charity projects and ideas


Personal Development

I have loved this topic for many years. I feel it is a safe and possibly comforting topic when you are looking for a 'pick me up' like a quick fix confidence boost for assistance with up coming interviews, presentations, romantic dates or social meetings.

It is also a place of purpose to those desperately searching for personal answers, help or a better understanding of themselves, those around them and not forgetting experience processing, as any overwhelming emotional experience has the potential to be the one that you should address for your own health and well being. 


Raising your Consciousness

Just like personal development, consciousness work is something that you do for yourself, by yourself. Your journey takes it's own path following on from each actual step that you personally take. 

I find this topic fascinating.  I had read a lot of books and followed studies in this field but I still remained slightly detached from using any of this knowledge in a practical fashion until a few years ago when I was deep diving into my own personal development once more whilst I shifted my life course onto a path more suitable and enjoyable for me. 



I am still amazed by the results that using this system has had on both my clients and myself.

As part of my daily, morning routine I complete a quick cognomovement session to get my brain firing, my eyes and coordination sharp, iron out any issues and to centre myself into the type of day that I want to experience that day.

Cognomovement helped me let go of some long held emotions that I had attached to memories of different life experiences.  

Similar to person development and consciousness work you are required to want to help yourself and you do need to do the work.

Therapy Sessions
What is Cognomovement?

Cognomovement is a cognitive movement exercise system that is designed for quick and powerful change of chronic problems and patterns.  

This system creates powerful positive outcomes for it's users like, more energy, boosted creativity, increased focus and ability to concentrate, enhances athletic ability, promotes better overall moods, and helps with better sleep.

Plus the net effect of using Cognomovement over time is a jump in awareness and consciousness that is reflected in the lives of it's users.

Me Cogno.jpg
About me

I am passionate about learning and gaining better understandings of myself and the world around me.  I cant imagine life without lessons to learn and new possibilities to explore which is why personal development and consciousness work will be with me for the rest of my life.

I am very proud to be the first cognomovement practitioner in the UK.  The system has had huge success in the USA helping thousands of people from all walks of life, including myself.

No Sportswear Required


As soon as the word exercise is mentioned images of physical effort spring to mind but I can assure you that Cognomovement does not require the use of muscle mass.  You can attend a session straight from work or in a ball gown or tux as its your brain and nervous system that is worked, not you. 


Improve your golf skills


Be the winning  football team


Get focus for that important meeting, interview or exam


Let go of past trauma and focus on living now.  It doesn't matter how old you are or what your trauma was.


Take ownership of your mental and physical health

Cognomovement Review - I am 75 years old and was AMAZED that in less than 45 minutes Gemma transformed my ability to balance. Before we started our session she tested how long I could stand unsupported on each leg. I went from 4 seconds on my left leg and 6 seconds on my right to 18 seconds on my left leg and 19 on my right.  It is now 1 month since our session and I am super pleased to report that I can stand on each leg for 20 seconds without wobbling all over the place its just AMAZING

Ann North Wales 75 years old

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