Sandstorm Creative Projects

Gemma is the1st Certified Cognomovement Practitioner in the UK!
NLP Practitioner and Coach.  Personal Development Trainer.  Belief Clearing Practitioner.
Also qualified in Cogno Quantum as seen on TV

Sandstorm Creative Projects promotes Cognomovement, Personal Development and Consciousness Work


Cognomovement one to one sessions

One to one sessions are designed to tackle your issue head on.  If you have experienced a trauma from childhood or adulthood, a loss that you don't seem able to move past or a relationship that you just cant let go of then you need an individual session not a group session.  We can work to find where that issue sits in your body and get it out and let it go.


Cognomovement group classes

Be a trail blazer and come join me at one of my classes. You can be one of the first people in the UK to experience its benefits.

Get connected back to your body and take a break from your continuous brain chatter.

You can change your mood in just one class.


Personal development

I love this topic and I would encourage everyone to invest in themselves as you should be important to you.

I have spent many years investing huge amounts of time and money into my own personal development and I am honoured to have learnt from some of the masters in their field.

You may not be able to control some of the things that happen to you but you can control how you react to it.


Raising your consciousness

Just like personal development consciousness work is something that you do for yourself and the journey that you take is your own path.

I love this topic and I have experienced amazing and mind boggling things. 

I believe what makes this work special is that you don't know where it will take you as we all have totally different abilities and there are so many things for you to try to help you find your fit. 

What is Cognomovement?

Cognomovement is a cognitive movement exercise system that is designed for quick and powerful change of chronic problems and patterns.  

This system creates powerful positive outcomes for it's users like, more energy, boosted creativity, increased focus and ability to concentrate, enhances athletic ability, promotes better overall moods, and helps with better sleep.

Plus the net effect of using Cognomovement over time is a jump in awareness and consciousness that is reflected in the lives of it's users.

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About me

I am very proud to be the first cognomovement practitioner in the UK.  The system has had huge success in the USA helping thousands of people from all walks of life, including myself.

No Sportswear Required


As soon as the word exercise is mentioned images of physical effort spring to mind but I can assure you that Cognomovement does not require the use of muscle mass.  You can attend a session straight from work or in a ball gown or tux as its your brain and nervous system that is worked, not you. 


Improve your golf skills


Be the winning  football team


Get focus for that important meeting, interview or exam


Let go of past trauma and focus on living now.  It doesn't matter how old you are or what your trauma was.


Take ownership of your mental and physical health

I am 75 years old and was AMAZED that in less than 45 minutes Gemma transformed my ability to balance. Before we started our session she tested how long I could stand unsupported on each leg. I went from 4 seconds on my left leg and 6 seconds on my right to 18 seconds on my left leg and 19 on my right.  It is now 1 month since our session and I am super pleased to report that I can stand on each leg for 20 seconds without wobbling all over the place its just AMAZING

Ann North Wales 75 years old